Ferrell retiring from Grand Bahama Power Company and new CEO on island

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In December 2009 the Grand Bahama Power Company will see the retirement of Excell O. Ferrell III and the arrival of R. Alan Kelley as the new President and CEO of the Power Company.

Mr. Ferrell, a 38-year veteran of the power industry arrived in Grand Bahama in late 2007 along with his wife to take over the GBPC helm for the Muarbeni Company. During his tenure “EO” as he is known has made significant contributions to the company and has seen the addition of TAQA and Emera as major shareholders.

“I am most proud of the steps that have been completed and are underway to improve the continuity of the electrical service on the island, “ stated Ferrell. “Much work has been done to improve the reliability, including a complete engineering review of the transmission system, adoption of a more aggressive transmission grounding program and most recently the installation of an automated 69 KV transmission loop.”

Ferrell noted that, “the results of our work have been evident this summer as the lightning season has caused far fewer interruptions than in previous years. There has also been extensive work to improve the operation and reliability of the generation units. Among those are the addition of the position of VP of Generation and Technical Services and the implementation of an aggressive, proactive maintenance program.”

Ferrell expects that “Grand Bahamians should see further reliability improvements as these changes mature.” He was very adamant to note that he was “extremely proud of the dedication and resilience that the employees of Grand Bahama Power have shown as these changes have been introduced. In many cases the changes required new roles, new shifts and new duties. Through it all the employees have been supportive of the goal to improve our service.“

Ferrell also felt that “the creation of the Customer Service Department and naming of a Customer Service Director puts GBPC on a path to greatly improve the customer experience.”

Mr. Ferrell and his wife, Paula, will be returning home to their native home, North Carolina, to enjoy more time with their children and most importantly their first grandchild. The Ferrell’s have thoroughly enjoyed their time here and made some great friends. “Our greatest wish is that the island reaches its utmost potential,” said EO, “living and working here has given me such an appreciation for the great potential of Freeport. I hope when we come back to visit Grand Bahama will be thriving once again.”

Stepping into Ferrell’s shoes will be Mr. Alan Kelley of St. Louis, Missouri who will join Grand Bahama Power Company after leaving Ameren, an Illinois and Missouri based Energy Company. Kelley, a 35-year veteran of the power industry, most recently served as Chairman, President and CEO of Ameren Energy Resources Company, the deregulated Generation, Marketing and Trading subsidiary of Ameren.

“My family and I are thrilled to be moving to the Bahamas and especially Grand Bahama” said Kelley, “It wasn’t too tough when Maurbeni/TAQA asked if I would like to move to The Bahamas. We are really looking forward to our first mild winter.”

Kelley, an Electrical Engineer with an MBA from the University of Missouri has also served as Chairman of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC) Generation Committee and board member of the North American Electric Reliability Council. He is a former Chairman of the Salvation Army Midland Advisory Council and Board Chairman and trustee of Christian Family Services, a not-for-profit child and family welfare organization in Missouri.

Mr. Kelley has been meeting the staff at Grand Bahama Power Company, the larger business clients and reviewing the past goals and financials of Grand Bahama Power Company. “Since arriving on the island I have been working with the EO and meeting the entire GBPC family,” noted Kelley. “I am looking forward to this new challenge in my career and meeting the expectations of our customers. Right now I am working with my directors to develop an agenda for the years ahead. On a personal note, my wife and I are looking forward to exploring the island.”