GB Power Company employees put their time where their mouth is

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The Grand Bahama Power Company is pleased to announce the launching of the Grand Bahama Power Employee Volunteer Group. The group of civic-minded employees represents a cross section of management and line staff and has conveyed enthusiasm and commitment to implementing initiatives that will make a substantive impact on the community.

The group’s first project, called the Good Corporate Citizen Initiative, will be to partner with high schools on the island to implement a joint venture, to which several of the high schools have already signed on. The group will address twelfth grade students of all interested high schools and conduct a brief seminar addressing issues such as composing a proper resume, general interview preparedness skills as well as simulating real job search related conditions.

Following the seminar, a “job posting” will be created to which the students that participated in the training will be allowed to submit applications and resumes. Following a selection process, students will participate in a mock interview with the top applicant being hired for a summer internship with the company.

Philcher Grant-Farquharson, Corporate Communications, expressed her excitement about the new initiative. “The employees of Grand Bahama Power have given their full support to the group and to our mandate of becoming better corporate citizens. It is our aim to implement meaningful programs that will truly make a difference in our community.”

Group members remarked that they are aware of the time, commitment and sacrifice it takes to ensure the success of such a venture but are dedicated to putting their time where their mouth is. Volunteer Alvira Smith had this to say, “In life we are all given an option. We can choose to be a part of the problem or we can choose to bring about a solution. The GBPC Employee Volunteer Group is choosing to be a part of the solution.”