GB Power islandwide meter audit underway

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Providing stable and efficient power to their customers is one of the most important jobs for Grand Bahama Power Company, but safety of their customers is crucial.

Grand Bahama Power Company has recently begun an islandwide check of all electric meters on Grand Bahama. Mr. Derick King, Transmission & Distribution Director stated, “We have just completed a 2 Million dollar investment on the Transmission and Distribution lines that will improve our reliability and allow us to deliver power safely to our customers. However, while going through the process, we have noticed that many meter boxes and meter centres are old or are in a state of disrepair.” Mr. King added, “Power is a necessity but it is a dangerous commodity and we must make sure power that is going into every home is delivered safely.”

In order to conduct this review, each meter will be checked to ensure there are no exposed live parts that pose a safety risk to the customer. “Our main concern right now is making sure each meter is installed correctly and properly sealed to reduce safety risks to the customer” said King.

The Grand Bahama Power Company is informing everyone about this meter audit for two main reasons. Firstly, customers must be aware that Grand Bahama Power Company personnel should have easy access to their meters for the purpose of meter reading or performing any other task associated with the meter. All customers with blocked access, whether it be due to a fenced in yard, bad dogs or a keyed door for the meter room, should make contact with the power company to discuss options available to them that will ensure the meter testers have access to their meter.

Secondly, this will allow customers with a defective meter can or meter centre to use this time to have repairs or replacements made. “Basically, if we find any faulty meter can or meter centre in a home, apartment or business, the owners will be given 30 days to have repairs or replacement carried out” said King “It is important to note that all service entrances, meter cans and meter centres must be brought up to requirements stipulated in the Canadian Electric Code (the standard that the GBPC uses). We are working with the Grand Bahama Port Authority who will perform the compliance inspection to be carried out by the Building Development Services Department of the Grand Bahama Port Authority.”

The Grand Bahama Power Company apologizes for any inconvenience caused during this process that will take place over the next few months. “We thank our customers for their patience, while partnering with us to enhance the safety of our system,” added King. Customers with questions or inquiries related to this meter audit process are asked to contact Ms. Micah Johnson of the Customer Service Department at 350-9120 or 350-9000.