GBPC new $80 Million dollar plant cleared for ground breaking

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Work is underway on the Grand Bahama Power Company’s new 80 million dollar plant thanks to the efficient work of Waugh Construction, a local contractor in Grand Bahama. GBPC announced a few weeks ago their contractual agreement with Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC) and MAN Diesel & Turbo (MAN) to construct GBPC’s new 52 MW HFO diesel plant, on 6 acres of land adjacent to the current Steam Plant.

“We are excited to have bulldozers on site and clearing getting underway,” noted Sarah MacDonald, GBPC’s new President and CEO. “The new plant is proceeding on schedule and providing much needed construction jobs to the local community.”

The new plant will benefit customers providing a long term solution to improving reliability and stabilizing rates for GBPC customers. Customers also benefit from the new cost structure approved by the Grand Bahama Port Authority which ensures that the plant is built without an increase in customer’s rates.

While the international contractor along with an expected local work force of over 70 will build the new diesel pant, GBPC customers will benefit from supplemental generation brought on Island in early June. Once site clearing is complete construction of the physical plant will commence later this month and is projected to be completed in 2012.