Grand Bahama Power Company Customer Informational Evening

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The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) hosted a Customer Informational Evening last night in an effort to provide customers with a forum in which they could have their concerns addressed. The event began at 5pm and the approximately 200 customers, who attended, were able to speak directly with staff about a variety of topics including energy conservation, generation, how to read your bill, the restoration process, and how to do business with GBPC.

The company also had a question and answer period where they could provide information and answer customer questions. Due to a number of factors, they were unable to respond to all the questions posed. Many questions were customer specific and GBPC encourages customers to come in and meet with a customer service representative to have those queries resolved.

Additionally, GBPC will be providing information on more general questions via local media outlets and on its company website shortly. GBPC thanks their customers who took time last night to speak with them and they will be sure to advise the public when these answers are available.

Grand Bahama Power Company understands the concerns customers expressed and continues to work diligently to improve the services offered and remains committed to improving the standards of electricity on the island of Grand Bahama.