Grand Bahama Power Company initiates world class training program

Grand Bahama Power Company initiates world class training program

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GBPC has invested in a comprehensive, twenty-week training program for its plant operators that commenced on November 19, 2012. The courses are being conducted by highly skilled, international trainers and were specifically designed for GBPC to align with plant-specific procedures and processes.

“Our training and technology skills programs are delivering the knowledge and expertise our employees need to succeed in a progressive workplace,” said Whitney Heastie, VP of Generation. “We have improved and expanded training practices to ensure that our staff is at world-class standards.”

The training program is two-phase. For the first sixteen weeks, employees will be engaged in extensive theory instruction related to a variety of systems in the generating plant. Educational topics include Thermodynamics, Control Instrumentation, and Applied Mechanics. This will be followed by a four-week theoretical and practical course in Diesel Engine Operation and Maintenance.

Mr. Heastie noted that effective training is important at every company, but is especially crucial in the power industry. “We must stay current with changes in plant systems and processes in order for us to fulfill our mandate to provide our customers with safe, reliable, and efficient service.”

The training program is key to GBPC’s overall improvement plans for the utility, helping to bring a higher quality of service to customers and investing in employees’ skills development.