Grand Bahama Power Company launches customer reconnection program

Grand Bahama Power Company launches customer reconnection program

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The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) announced today the launch of a formal customer reconnection program. Beginning Monday, June 3rd, 2013, all residential customers who have had electric services disconnected for non-payment, will be given a period of two weeks to come in to the Freeport downtown location and register for the reconnection program.

GBPC, in conjunction with their regulators the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), is bringing back the program they offered last year in addition to the reconnection options already in place.  There are currently fewer than 2% of customers who have been disconnected.

The program requires customers to pay one month’s bill to be reconnected and the company will waive the standard reconnection fee. Customers will then be placed on a three year payment plan for the balance of the arrears. The reconnection program also requires that customers remain in good standing with their current bills while properly maintaining the terms and agreements of the payment plan.

“Grand Bahama Power Company understands the tough economic climate that our customers have been faced with due to the long lasting impact of the global recession”, said Tony Lopez, GBPC’s CFO. “The reconnection program serves as a supplement to the long-term programs we already have in place to help customers.”

Lopez stated that GBPC customer service representatives are committed to working with customers year-round in finding a payment plan that is mutually acceptable. “We also offer our customers the option of Budget Billing.  Budget Billing is an option which smooths out the natural fluctuations in electricity bills over a year so that customers pay one set fee,” said Lopez.

For more information on programs, customers can visit the company’s headquarters located on Pioneers Way and the Mall Drive or call the company’s 24hr call centre at 352.8211.