Grand Bahama Power Company partner with Emera to study wind energy possibilities

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The Grand Bahama Power Company along with ICDU shareholders Emera Inc. outlined plans for their wind study program which is due to begin in 2 weeks. This study will give the companies vital information on the possibility of using wind power as a means of generating some of the islands power needs.

“Teams are now on the ground from Emera to install the wind towers and we are completing land and permit permissions to erect the necessary equipment,” said Carlton Bosfield, Special Project Manager for the Wind study “we are very excited about the possibilities of providing power with no ties to fuel market prices.”

The use of wind energy is becoming widely used across the world, especially in Europe and increasingly in the United States. With the ever increasing need for power and the instability of the fuel market, Grand Bahama Power Company along with Emera are in search of alternative power sources that can help stabilize energy costs for Bahamians. Emera’s knowledge in Wind Power generation has been a significant help to this study and the hopeful implementation of fixed price, green power generation.

“We’ve been very impressed by the level of support, cooperation and collaboration between the Grand Bahama Power Company, the Port Authority, DevCo, Government Administration, the Freeport Harbour Company and others in efforts to begin the data collection of wind statistics on Grand Bahama,” noted Ray Robinson, P. Eng. VP, Integrated Operations Emera, Inc. “It is important to understand how to develop and apply renewable resources. Renewable technologies do not work equally well everywhere. So the first step in Grand Bahama is to measure the wind to understand whether there is enough wind on the island that will support the development of wind generation which ultimately will benefit the customers of Grand Bahama.”

Plans are underway to put up wind study towers in McLean’s Town and Dover Sound, and then utilize the Container Port towers and the two Grand Bahama Power Company communication towers at High Rock and Holmes Rock. Five sets of instruments will be erected or added to permanent structures, the towers that will be erected will be 60 meters or 200 ft high. Allowing for wind direction, wind strength and temperature analysis. Once the towers are erected data will be collected for at least 12-18 months.

“Grand Bahama Power Company is excited about the possible use of wind as an energy source,” said EO Ferrell, Grand Bahama Power Company CEO. “It is a clean, renewable fuel source that could supplement fuel generation. In this vain we will also continue to look for alternative energy sources.”