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Grand Bahama Power Company transforming customer service phone system

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The Grand Bahama Power Company announced today that they are finalizing the launch of their innovative phone system that is expected to significantly improve the customer service experience. A team comprised of members of the GBPC Management, Engineers and line staff have been working diligently towards the implementation of this cutting edge communications system.

The GBPC team noted that the new Integrated Voice Response System (IVR) is equipped with several features that will allow customers to access their account information via their phone. According to Katherine Demeritte, GBPC Director of Customer Service, “We are very excited about this new feature to our Customer Service Department. The best feature is that our customers will be able to access their personal account information from the comfort of their home. They will be able to obtain their account information, have billing queries addressed by an interactive automated system and receive real time information in the event of an outage in their area.”

The company will also be delivering on their promise to provide disconnection messages, which they assured the public they would implement in 2010. This unique feature of the IVR system will allow the Customer Service department to send all residential, commercial and industrial customers a disconnection notice prior to having their service disengaged.

However they explained that prior to the launching of the IVR system, and particularly the disconnection notice they require some assistance from the public in the collection of pertinent customer information. “In order to maximize the benefits that the system can provide to customers, we are asking that everyone assist us in updating our records by filling in our new Customer Information Cards available now at all of our payment centers, in Downtown Freeport and Eight Mile Rock. For those who do not visit the payment centre customers can visit our website at and click on the banner ad on the home page.”

In order to enhance this process and begin a March start of the program the Grand Bahama Power Company will be rewarding customers that submit updated information. “We appreciate that our customers are very busy but for those who can assist us they will get to enter into weekly drawing for a $200 credit on their account,” added Demeritte. “The quicker we can get this information in the faster we can implement our program.”