The Future of Freeport

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This Thursday at 8pm, JCN news will feature a special segment of their show ‘Platform’ they are calling “The Future of Freeport”. The charismatic Wendell Jones taped his weekly show in Grand Bahama last Saturday at the Freeport Harbour Company offices with the CEOs of Grand Bahama’s Industrial area. Mr. Jones is pictured second from left with (left to right) EO Ferrell, CEO Grand Bahama Power Company, Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, Chairman and CEO of Grand Bahama Shipyard Ltd. and Chris Gray, CEO of the Freeport Harbour Company, Freeport Container Port Ltd.. and the Grand Bahama Airport Company. The discussion centered on the economics of Grand Bahama, the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, the GBPA issues, local Tourism and the team’s vision for the future of Grand Bahama. The panel’s discussion also highlighted the islands benefits and potential growth once the world economic crisis passes and how they see their companies contribution in Freeport’s future. Interested persons should tune in this Thursday at 8pm to JCN on Channel 14 or log on to