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GBPC responds to GBPA audit of billing procedures

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Grand Bahama Power Company understands the decision of our regulators, GBPA, to conduct an audit of our billing procedures and fuel surcharge costs. We recognize that recent fuel costs have been higher than usual. This is attributed to the increased cost in world market oil prices and our increased fuel usage due to our higher than normal use of the rental units. However, if we did not have the rental generation in place we would have been experiencing island wide black outs during these high demand peak months because of generation short fall.

GBPC’s long term plan to effectively address these issues is the construction of the $80 million diesel power plant at no base rate increase to customers. It is expected the new plant will improve efficiency, stabilize costs to customers, and significantly increase reliability.

We are sympathetic to the economic conditions that our customers face and we ask those who are facing difficulty paying bills to visit our headquarters located on Pioneers Way and the Mall Drive and speak to one of the customer service representatives to discuss payment plan options.