Grand Bahama Power Company

GBPC Statement on Interruption of power at Freeport Harbour

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The Grand Bahama Power Company wishes to apologize to the businesses at the Freeport Harbour Company for the interruption in power that occurred today.

At 9:12 am this morning, our 24hr call centre received a call from the Harbour Company reporting that they had experienced a loss of power. We wish to clarify that GBPC only becomes aware of isolated power issues, meaning those that involve an individual or a small group of customers, once the customer reports that a problem has occurred.

Once we received the call from the Harbour Company, our crews were immediately deployed to begin assessing the situation and working to restore power to those impacted.

It was determined that interruption in power was due to a damaged device that needed to be replaced. Our crews isolated the areas that were not directly impacted and were able to restore power to those customers. Due to the nature of the damaged device, the required work to make the necessary replacement, safely, took several hours. Full power was restored at approximately 12:30p.m.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask that customer’s experiencing power relates issues please report it to our 24hr call centre at 352.8411.