Grand Bahama Power Company preparing for Tropical Storm Erika

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Tropical Storm Erika is currently tracking on a northwest path over the Atlantic Ocean, and is anticipated to impact the Bahamas late this weekend.  Grand Bahama Power Company is working diligently to prepare for the oncoming storm. While it is too early to predict the severity or impact of the storm, various weather outlets are forecasting Erika to reach Category 1 hurricane strength as it moves through the Bahamas.

Grand Bahama Power Company is well prepared for the oncoming storm and we will continue to monitor the forecast.  We have activated our Emergency Service Restoration Plan which will enable us to prepare and respond safely and efficiently.

Grand Bahama Power Company urges our customers to prepare for the impacts of the pending storm and to make safety your first priority.  Tune in for updates on the storm via local radio stations.  Keep the following important safety tips in mind as you prepare for the storm:

•    Consider all cables and wires to be energized whether they are electrical, cable or telephone;

•    If a line is in the water consider it and the water energized;

•    Keep children away from all flooded areas and areas with lots of debris because there could be an energized line hiding;

•    If a tree or tree limbs have fallen on a power line, keep a safe distance and do not try to remove them;

•    Candles aren’t recommended for emergency lighting due to the risk of fire.  If you must use candles, use proper candle holders placed on a stable heat resistant surface;

•    Never leave candles unattended and keep them away from combustible materials;

•    Always have a suitable fire extinguisher in your home;

•    Have an emergency kit with a flashlight, a battery operated radio, extra batteries and fresh water;

•    Turn off and unplug electrical equipment such as TVs, VCRs and computers;

•    Learn to manually operate your automatic garage doors;

•    Backup generators should be installed by a qualified electrician according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Portable generators should always be outdoors.

For further tips on how to prepare, please visit our website at   To report a downed power line or if you have inquiries related to the storm, please contact our 24 hour help line at 242.352.8411.