Grand Bahama Power Company

Announcement – Power Update @ 10am on May 8th, 2008

Web Maintenance Service Updates

The Grand Bahama Power Company is pleased to report that as of 5:40p.m. yesterday, power was restored to all residential and commercial customers.

Currently the demand is being met and this is expected to continue throughout the day. Plans have been initiated to restore additional generation.

As the company continues to address the generation issues they are asking the public to continue to conserve energy by:

  • Only using necessary lights
  • Restricting use of dryers, washing machines and irons
  • Turning off water heaters and or A/C units

There were isolated outages as of this morning which are not related to the generation problems experienced previously. These incidents are currently being addressed. Anyone experiencing an outage should contact our 24 Hour Call Centre at 352-8411.

The Grand Bahama Power Company wishes to apologize for the interruptions experienced and thank the public for their patience, the media for their assistance with communications to the public and their staff for their hard work during this situation.