Our Story

At Grand Bahama Power, we supply safe and reliable electrical energy to Grand Bahama’s 18,800 customers from West End to Sweeting’s Cay in the east. We are a totally integrated utility company with a gross generating capacity of 98 MW.

We strive to be a quality organization committed to cost-effective generation and transmission & distribution of electricity to our customers. We do this while providing a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees and a reasonable rate of return on investment.

Grand Bahama Power is a majority owned subsidiary of Emera Inc. (EMA-TSX). Click here to read our corporate profile.

Click here to review the Rules and Reg for Electric Services for electric service.

Our Purpose

Why we work.

Our customers count on us. They count on us for the energy they need in their daily lives at home, at work, in their schools, hospitals, and community centers. They’re also counting on us to provide energy solutions that will power a future that’s environmentally, financially and socially sustainable.

It’s a privilege to serve our customers in this way. We take very seriously the responsibilities that fall under our ‘social contract’ with our customers – it is why we are in the energy business.

Our Business

What we do.

Our customers need cost-effective, reliable energy and energy services. We provide those safely and with a customer-service focus. We are very good at what we do, delivering proven value to customers and investors.

We are investing in ways to make electricity generation cleaner, and we are investing in electricity transmission and natural gas pipeline infrastructure to bring energy to customers.

Our business has grown and evolved from its early days as a utility holding company. We are a company that creates regional energy solutions by connecting assets, markets and partners in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. This is what we do as a business.

Our Way

How we work.

As we’ve grown, we’ve held true to the core values that guide how we do business: building relationships of integrity, focusing on operational and service excellence, investing in our people, and making safety and health our foremost priorities.

Safety & Health

Safety & Healthy

We are committed to health and wellness.
We strive to live and work injury free.
We share a belief that all injuries are preventable.



We build trust by finding common interest and acting with integrity.
We achieve results through collaboration.
We are deeply invested in our communities.



We are accountable, delivering on our commitments to customers,
stakeholder and each other.
We are disciplined in managing opportunities and risks.
We seek continuous improvement.
We anticipate and shape opportunities.
We are tenacious in our pursuit of creative solutions.

Our People


We invest in the growth of our people and
their development as leaders.
We value the diversity of our people and teams.