Grand Bahama Power has been providing electricity service since 1964. We take pride in generating and transmitting electricity to the homes and businesses of Grand Bahama. Our team is committed to continually improving our operations to deliver reliable, efficient service to our customers.

How We Generate Electricity

Grand Bahama Power owns and operates over 100 megawatts of generation. Our power is generated by nine generation units, including:

  • Two slow speed diesel engine driven generators
  • Seven medium speed diesel generators

Our main source of fuel for generating electricity in Grand Bahama is oil. Oil technologies are proven and time-tested.

How We Get Electricity To You

  1. Our generating plants make electricity.
  2. Power is then sent from our plants to the communities we serve, over high-voltage transmission lines.
  3. Substations transform the voltage of the power entering them from high to low and send it to ‘feeder’ lines.
  4. Lower voltage feeder lines deliver power to areas serving 100 to 3,000 customers.
  5. Transformers on power poles convert power to the lower voltages used in homes and businesses.
  6. Service distribution lines take power from transformers to your house.

Meeting Demand

We work around the clock to make sure we’re producing the right amount of power for Grand Bahamians.

To do this, we forecast how much electricity we expect our customers to use at any given time and adjust power generation accordingly. These forecasts are based on our past experience with similar times of day and times of year.