David McGregor, President & COO

David McGregor
President & Chief Operating Officer

VP, Administrative Services, Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Lopez
Vice President, Administrative Services & Chief Financial Officer

VP, Transmission & Distribution

Franklyn Woodworth
Vice President, Customer Operations

Senior Director, Generation

Allan Williams
Vice President, Energy

Lester Fernander, Director, Security

Delano Arthur
Director, Grid Solutions

Zevago Cox, Director, Information Technology

Zevargo Cox
Director, Information Technology

Philcher Grant, Director, Resource Manager & Dispatch, and Stakeholder Relations

Philcher Grant
Director, Customer Solutions and Stakeholder Relations

Alvy Levarity

Alyvonnetta Levarity
Director, Human Resources

Learline Moss, Controller

Learline Moss
Financial Controller

Nikita Mullings, Director, Health, Safety and Environment

Nikita Mullings
Director, Customer Operations

Domonique Pinder, Director, Business Solutions

Domonique Pinder
Director, Business Solutions

Kevin Seymour, Director, Engineering

Kevin Seymour
Director, Health, Safety and Environment

Kevin Seymour, Director, Engineering

Toni Seymour
Director, Energy