Our Safety Policy

Grand Bahama Power Company

An important part of our mission is to be recognized for good citizenship. We support this mission by providing a safe work environment as well as seeking opportunities to excel in health and safety practices.

We define our commitment to health and safety by the following principles:

  1. We manage our business with an active commitment to health and safety excellence.
  2. We integrate health and safety into our business strategies.
  3. We comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations and implement prudent standards where none exist.
  4. We hold each employee and contractor accountable for integrating health and safety into their work activities.
  5. We strive for continuous improvement in our health and safety programs by setting challenging goals, measuring and evaluating performance, and learning from our experiences.
  6. Our objective is to maintain an open line of communication for employee to question or report any unsafe acts or conditions. We incorporate safety and health practices into our business every day.

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Environmental Approach

Our commitment to managing environmental matters is an integral part of our business. In particular, it is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times and at all places. We will do so by adhering to the following principles:

  1. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance.
  2. Compliance with environmental standards will be a key ingredient in the training, performance reviews, and incentives for all employees.

Grand Bahama Power Company

Environmental Accountability

At Grand Bahama Power, we take our environmental performance seriously. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, our regulator, and ourselves.

Risk Reduction, Prevention, and Resource Management

  1. We will seek opportunities, beyond regulatory compliance requirements, for reducing risk to human health and the environment, as well as establish our own environmental quality standards where appropriate.
  2. We will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to prevent activities and or conditions that pose a threat to human health or the environment. We will look for ways to protect our employees and the neighboring communities by employing clean, safe technology and operating procedures. We will be prepared for all emergencies.
  3. We will comply with all regulations pertaining to releases to the air, land, or water through the safe use of chemicals. We will minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated and will ensure safe waste disposal and treatment.
  4. We will manage scarce resources, such as water, oil, land and forests, in an environmentally-sensitive manner.


  1. We will communicate our commitment to environmental quality and our company’s environmental performance to our employees, contractors, vendors, and customers.
  2. We will solicit their input in meeting our environmental goals and, in turn, will offer assistance to meet their goals.

Continual Improvement

  1. We will measure our progress and review at least once annually. We will periodically report our progress to our stakeholders.
  2. We will continually seek opportunities to improve our adherence to these principles and to improving our environmental performance.

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